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Though at HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO we are building the new face of Pakistan. HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO gives you the unique concept of working, this book gives you an idea about our working, that we are the people who are really dedicated to our client’s work, we give our client the best in this market, our first priority is to make sure that our client is fully sasfied when there job is completed. The high repute of HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO has remarkably been possible due to appreciation & patronage of its client. we are working relessly to bring the great result. Over 100 employees & 200 million wroth machinery is readily available every me to facilitate your projects at speedy pace. HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO has brought about much changes in the field of construction & Infrastructure, bringing innovave housing & commercial solution, building world class communities & delivering promises beyond expectations has earned invaluable customer confidence & trust for HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO Our journey is still going on & we are making efforts to bring a new & unique concept of services.


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