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Reliable construction service since 1973. We are not just building houses. We are building dreams.

Our Services

Planning & Architecture

We deals with all engineering aspects of building performance integrated with the buildings architecture requirements.


It is our responsibility to give full satisfaction work level to our client. If they are using our services we give assurance of work by given soil & solidity testing.

Survey Work

As you been knows Surveying is a vital part of the design/construction & development process.We perform boundary surveys to tell people where their property is, map the topography of land for engineering design.

Urban Planning

The modern profession of town planning mainly arose in response to the urban problems caused by rapid industrialization from the late 19 century.


We create an environment that enhances a person’s lifestyle and enhances the area in which they are actually doing this enhancement.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure is basic physical and organizational structure needed for the operation of a society or enterprises.

Building Services Engineering

Our Building services include installation, operation and monitoring of the mechanical, electrical and public health systems required for the safe, comfortable and environmentally friendly operation of modern buildings.

Global Positioning System (GPS)

GPS is a tool we use for precise positioning of points. It operates through satellites which send out signals to our receiver (the thing on the tripod).The receiver then transmits those signals to our data collector( the thing I’m holding)’which stores the data.

Traditional Total Station Surveying

The primary function of the field surveyor is measuring, mapping, and observing. Our most important tool for these purposes is our total station(that’s what I’m using in the top photo).

Why us?


HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO was founded in 2012 and is owned and operated by Mr.Haji Ehsan ul Haq, our chief executives prime goal is to create a business that offers excellent workmanship, honesty and customer service.

Our Approach

HAJI ESHSAN UL HAQ & CO tries to schedule their work two weeks in advance. Sometimes weather messes with our plans, but we make it certain that you are aware of any changes to the schedule.

Team Working

All of HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO employees are highly qualified, hardworking, dedicated to their job. They treat every job as they are pung a roof on their own home and are very conscientious of the Client’s needs.

NTN Certificate

NTN # 4017460-3

50 Years Experience

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Great Support

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Though at HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO we are building the new face of Pakistan. HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO gives you the unique concept of working, this book gives you an idea about our working, that we are the people who are really dedicated to our client’s work, we give our client the best in this market, our first priority is to make sure that our client is fully sasfied when there job is completed. The high repute of HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO has remarkably been possible due to appreciation & patronage of its client. we are working relessly to bring the great result. Over 100 employees & 200 million wroth machinery is readily available every me to facilitate your projects at speedy pace. HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO has brought about much changes in the field of construction & Infrastructure, bringing innovave housing & commercial solution, building world class communities & delivering promises beyond expectations has earned invaluable customer confidence & trust for HAJI EHSAN UL HAQ & CO Our journey is still going on & we are making efforts to bring a new & unique concept of services.

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